Have you tried everything? This is next... Take your gut healing to the next level with the GAPS™ Protocol in an Exclusive Membership Group

Led by Heather Woodruff, CNP CGP                                                                          Certified GAPS™ Practitioner and your Digestion Guru

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Powerful Gut Healing Awaits

If you have tried everything to heal your angry, inflamed tummy to little success, then GAPS is for you. The GAPS Membership will surround you with others walking the same journey, guided by Heather Woodruff. 

In this Exclusive Group, you will find: 

  • Meal Plans
  • Extensive Recipe Database
  • A Clear Roadmap to the GAPS Diet (this is different from belly to belly)
  • Monthly Online Cooking Class
  • Monthly Live Q&A with Heather
  • Private Online Community



Heather Woodruff, CNP CGP

Heather is a Digestion Guru & Certified GAPS Practitioner who loves supporting women to heal their stubbornly inflamed belly (even if they have already tried 'everything'!). This means helping you to discover the abundance of delicious nourishing food you CAN actually eat that will not inflame your chronically inflamed tummy but actually nourish and repair it.